Wegmans rocks!

While at Wegmans in Virginia, just south of DC, we visited the NY wine section. We were delighted to see Fox Run, Bully Hill, Anthony Road, Standing Stone, and Dr Frank. It's strange to me that we find more #flxwine in Virginia than our local NY wine store.

Pinot Meunier Gone Missing!

We were saving this Pinot Meunier to taste alongside Dr Frank’s Meunier. An unauthorized visit to the wine cellar by a relative made the contents of this bottle disappear. Now we need to get another one so I guess it’s another trip to Long Island. C’est la vie.

The Malbec meeting of #project18, exploring the 18 noble grapes. No clear winner in this lot, mostly from Argentina, one from California and one from the Finger Lakes! There was an interesting mix from too much acid and tannins to almost none.

Oceane Vineyards – Sugar Loaf NY

Located off a picturesque road near Sugar Loaf NY, Oceane Vineyards is a new (2 year) vineyard in the Hudson Valley.  We had a tasting of the six wines for sale, and found each one interesting in it's own way.  The biggest surprise is that they've been growing vinifera grapes in Orange Count NY for... Continue Reading →

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