Snapshot: Flatt Rock Wine Cellars in Valois NY


So we finally were able to get to Flatt Rock Wine Cellars in Valois NY on the East Side of Seneca Lake. Its just north of Scale House Brew Pub on the west (lake) side of Rt 414.

We were greeted by Darla Flatt, who was gathering Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for a grandchild’s birthday party. Darla and her husband Dave are the owners of Flatt Rock. Although they have only been open for 10 weeks, we recommend you visit if you like dry reds.


When you enter Flatt Rock, you arrive in the barrel room, which makes for an interesting surprise. Upon entering, we saw Dave in the tasting room with other customers. The tasting room is nicely decorated using barrel furniture and makes a great space for tasting their quality wines.  Dave and Darla are great hosts who are very excited about their “retirement” winery.


The current lineup of wines includes Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon (all of which are v.2013) and new new offering called “Boulder Blend” which is a v.2012 Cab Franc + Merlot + Cab Sauv blend. The current offerings are non-estate, but they have started harvesting their own fruit.

Tasting room hours are currently limited to Saturday afternoons, so I suggest you contact Dave at (716) 622-2820. They are on Facebook at (Be careful, there is also a winery in Canada by almost the same name).

We recommend a visit! Their address is 5835 Spirawk Road, Valois, New York.


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