What makes the Finger Lakes special – Bravery Wines at Scout Vineyards

People ask me: “Why are you such a big fan of Finger Lakes wine? Isn’t there good wine made in other places?” Yes, it’s true, there is good wine made in lots of places, but for my wife and me wine is more than a product of grapes, it’s an expression of the places and people we’ve come to meet. And the generosity of the people who make wine in the Finger Lakes is something special to us.

Saturday’s lineup!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to experience that generosity again first hand. Scout Vineyards hosted an event at which they were pouring their own wines and allowed a fellow winemaker to pour his wines too! I’ve written about both Scout Vineyards and Bravery Wines previously in my blog here.

Daniel and Olivia Budmen are the owners of Scout Vineyards on Rt 14 about 10 miles south of Geneva. The tasting room opened in August of 2020 and they have been producing excellent Riesling, Pinot Noirs and Chardonnay along with Marquettes.

Olivia and Daniel Budmen

Corey Christman is retired from the Air Force and started Bravery Wines as a way to celebrate “The Hero in all People”. Made at Anthony Road, Corey makes a contribution to the Yellow Ribbon Fund from every bottle he sells. “The Yellow Ribbon Fund is a veteran service organization, 501(c)3 providing housing, transportation, and caregiver & family support to severely wounded, ill and injured post-9/11 service members from every branch of the United States Military, following unexpected medical crises.”

Corey Christman

They met thru thru their common mentor, Peter Becraft of Anthony Road Winery. Peter has been the head wine maker at Anthony Road since Johannes Reinhardt left to run his own winery. Peter has kept the tradition of mentoring new winemakers and has had a significant influence on both Daniel and Corey.

Although Corey makes his wine at Anthony Road, he has no tasting room, so when Daniel and Olivia offered to host his wines at their tasting room, Corey took them up on the offer. So on Saturday, August 21st, six wines were poured at Scout Vineyards: Bravery’s 2020 Bebe (Sauvignon Blanc), 2019 Riesling and a 2020 Rose of Pinot Noir along with Scout’s 2020 Chardonnay, 2019 Chardonnay and a 2020 Riesling.

The event as well attended and we certainly enjoyed the wine and conversation. Visit Scout at their tasting room and buy Bravey online or at Anthony Road. https://www.scoutvineyards.com/ https://www.bravery.wine/

Daniel and Corey behind the masks!

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